Bowflex Home Gym Review

Is It Worth The Money?

Bowflex alternative Bodylastics

In this Bowflex home gym review we will discuss the pros and cons of this portable home gym.

Are you wondering whether or not you should have a Bowflex as part of your home gym equipment?

This article will give you information about the good and bad about this piece of exercise equipment.

The Bowflex is not intended to build up big muscles. Rather, it is intended to build toned and lean muscles.

It contains all the same exercise equipment you would find at a gym with 210 pounds of resistance. It is good for both men and women as resistance training to build bone density.

The Bowflex doesn't have any weights to move on or off the bars, so there is no danger or dropping one on your feet by accident.

A Portable Home Gym?

Many people like the Bowflex because of its ability to fold up. It can be transported with you if you have to move and doesn't take up a lot of your baggage allowances. They also like the wide array of exercises they can get from one machine, giving them a total body workout.

Those who have used the Bowflex say it is an excellent machine for the beginner, but not so for anyone who has experience at working out.

They complain that this machine is not really good for a cardio workout. It doesn't have the rowing machine option and is not very good for anyone who is tall.

On the other hand, there are good things about this exercise equipment such as the ease of use, but it does take a while to get used to all the bells and pulleys.

Plus, there is th ande added comfort of using it at home. It does give a full body workout and comes with an instruction manual to show you all the different exercises you can do.

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