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Muscle Building Plateaus

How to Avoid Bodybuilding
Plateaus and Build Muscle

Here are a few easy to follow tips to help you blow thru any muscle building plateaus!

  1. Follow The Bully Xtreme Training Program: The training program is designed to change your workout every 4 weeks, thus utilizing the principle of “muscle confusion” Why? The human body is a great machine, the key to our survival as a species is our ability to adapt.

    (Sheesh can you believe that??) The body quickly adapts to physical stress. That’s why it’s important to strive to increase the amount of effort you use each time you workout. Track it with your training logs and the Bully Power Meter reading.

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  2. Hit the Muscle from A Different Angle: I remember my first grappling class.

    Man, was I sore the next day! Why?

    Even thou the muscles were well trained they were being used in a differentway, a way that they weren’t used before. I’m sure you have heard the term muscle memory, right? Well the muscles “learn” how to do an exercise movement. They respond by growing but once that “pattern” has been stored in your “muscle memory” the body begins to plateau.
  3. Rest: Are you sleeping enough?: In time of war one of the best techniques of “mind control” is sleep deprivation. When you don’t sleep enough you get cranky, right? Well your muscles get cranky too and they decide not to grow.
  4. Proper Nutrition: Are you taking in the proper amount of protein to allow your body to feed the muscle? Are you doing a pre-training protein meal or drink? Are you having (30 minutes after your strength training workout only) a post-training, carb and protein meal or drink? These are critical factors to muscle growth.
  5. Eccentric training: Are you using eccentric training, a scientifically proven method that will yield the largest strength and muscle gains as part of your training program?

Not sure of what eccentric training is? I will talk more about this important muscle building.

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