Total Person Concept

Building A Balanced Life

The "Total Person Concept" was first introduced to me in 1977 when I bought my first franchise with a company called Success Motivation Institute.

Paul J Meyer, the founder of the company, had in his youth repaired bicycles to earn extra cash. His inspiration for the "wheel of life" or the total person concept came from a bike tire.

He saw how on a bike if the spokes were not aligned the bike tire would not roll evenly.

He felt that a persons life was the same way. Too many people focus on one area of their life and ignore the other. For example a super successful business man may work very hard and achieve financial success, but not find the time to exercise and as a result ends up out of shape and in poor health.

A real candidate for a heart attack.

The Total Person Concept insures our "wheel" of life rolls evenly and that we pay attention to all 6 areas of our lives

Total person concept

We, at Bully Xtreme believe that improving lifestyle habits takes more than just regular exercise and good nutrition.

It involves setting goals and taking action in all areas of life. This is why we base our training programs and e-zine newsletter on the Total Person Concept, which focuses on the six areas of life that together make up the total person.

When setting your goals make sure you set goals in each area. Don't ignore one area for another.

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