Bruce Lee Workout Routine – What Prompted Bruce Lee to Change His Workouts

The Amazing Bruce Lee Body

The Amazing Bruce Lee Body

The Incredible Bruce Lee Workout Routine

The Bruce Lee workout routine can be called innovative and ahead of it’s time.

Certainly, he was a man willing to try just about anything to achieve this goal. Including trying isometrics and isometric exercises.

Because of this, years later; the mere reference to his name conjures up images of those kung fu movies of the 70’s and 80’s.

Where would Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Jet Li… just to mention a few – – be today if it hadn’t been for Bruce Lee and his crazy workouts ?

Bruce Lee is not considered to be a big man– after all, he only stood 5 foot 7 inches and weighted approximately 135 pounds.

However, what made him stand out was his lean, muscular physique. They now refer to this as the “Bruce Lee Body.”

In the Bruce Lee body the muscles were not the bloated kind you see on modern bodybuilders — instead you saw a V-tapered and, ripped to the bones physique.

Bruce Lee popularized the current day Hollywood body of the A-list actors. No longer is it acceptable for an action star to appear in a movie out of shape without being lean, ripped, defined and with six pack abs.

This is the look that Bruce Lee brought to the screen in the 1970s.

Some have asked… what prompted Bruce Lee to get into such unbelievable conditioning?

The Real Truth behind Why Bruce Lee Changed His Workout Routine

As the story goes in 1964, Bruce Lee then a relatively unknown, ended up in a fight with Wong Jack Man — a no holds barred kung fu event.

Bruce Lee won the fight but afterwards he became disgusted with his performance. He knew that he should have defeated the other guy much quicker.

That’s when he realized that his strength and conditioning were sub par. His kicks and strikes needed to be more powerful and he needed more endurance because his lungs were screaming for air.

After the fight Bruce began a strength, conditioning and endurance training program — as well as his own martial art named Jeet Kune do — “The Way of the Intercepting Fist”

Out of this came a new fighter. A martial artist that was that are conditioned, faster and more powerful.

However, Lee was still a far cry from the muscular physique that you see on the screen today — he suffered from bad genetics — he was skinny and stringy — he had very little musculature on a slight frame.

He researched all that he could his main focus — building power, speed and strength. He left no stone unturned. It was at this point where he discovered the use of Isometric Exercise Equipment, and free weights.

While bodyweight exercises continue to be part of his workout routine — it was progressive resistance using both isometrics and isotonic that eventually would give him the speed and power that he was seeking.

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