Isometric Exercise Equipment

Why are millions of Americans and for that matter — individuals worldwide using Isometric Exercise Equipment?


Perhaps it is because Isometrics has been rediscovered. Nothing is ever lost you see… because physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and power lifters have been using isometric training for years.

Why you might ask?

Because the most effective way to increase your strength and muscle size is to use isometrics and an isometric exerciser.

There have been many old-time strongman that used isometrics as part of their workout program. The most famous is — Charles Atlas.

99 Pound Weaklings Apply Here

charles-atlas-isometricsWhile the Charles Atlas "Dynamic Tension Course" is not a complete isometric workout it does include isometric exercises.

Alexander Zass, an old-time strongman used isometrics while in prison. He was a prisoner of war during World War I and was kept chained in his cell.

The only way he could exercise was by pulling against his chains — little did he know that this was isometric exercise. Later on Zass created a muscle building course that used his own version of "chains" to perform isometric training.

The reason why many of these old-time strongman used isometric exercise equipment was because free hand isometrics is pretty much the same as doing push ups with your own bodyweight. After a while, your body becomes accustomed to the same resistance and you begin to plateau.

The Number One Principle In Strength Training Is…

Progressive resistance simply means that you continue to add weight or resistance to the exercise in order to put more stress on the muscle and force it to grow. That’s how muscles work anyone that tells you otherwise is a fool.

There many different types of isometric equipment on the market today. Here are two that you may be familiar with:

  • Dumbbells or Barbells with the aid of an "isometric power rack."
  • Exercise or Resistance Bands.

In the 1970s, Gert F Kolbel — a German inventor — took an existing patent and created what could be considered the first "isometric exercise equipment."

It Was Called the Tensolator

The original patent belonged to Arthur A. Pons. His was a simple device that consisted of two tubes with a handle at the end — with a resistance spring inside.

Kolbel modify the original patent by adding a steel cable that wrapped around and through the handles of the device. This allowed the user to perform "pulling exercises" similar to resistance bands or cable machine and by using the handles he or she could compress it as well.

Sales for this device took off and was probably one of the most successful home exercise devices in history. (According to some fitness experts, this was probably the first commercially sold piece of isometric exercise equipment.)

Recently, this device has been completely redesigned from the original two tube system to a new product that utilizes three tubes.

This allows each side of the body to be developed equally.

In other words, just like dumbbells it forces the — right hand as well as the — left hand to exert the same amount of pressure when performing an exercise. This is what makes this product so unique from any other on the market today!

What Are the Benefits of Isometric Exercise Equipment?

The major benefit is of course that unlike free hand isometric exercises — this type of exerciser allows you to not only measure your progress but also allows you to increase the resistance because of the unique spring design.

Let’s face it, unless you use progressive resistance you will eventually stop making gains in whatever exercise you’re doing. Each time you workout you should attempt to use more resistance.

This is the only way that the muscle response by become stronger and larger.

The second major benefit of this type of device is that allows you to perform more exercises than you could normally do without exercise equipment. Weightlifters for years have used isometrics to help them in their power lifting. There are various methods today that can turbocharge your results. But more about that later

The ability to provide progressive resistance is what makes these new and breakthrough isometric exercise equipment devices something that everyone should have as part of your strength and muscle building programs.