Isometric Exercises for Your Arms

One of the major advantages of using isometric exercises for your arms is that you don’t need a lot of room and for maintenance — you can do freehand ISOs.

Of course, an isometric exercise device will get you superior results however, you can use just about anything…  free weights, resistance bands, the wall, a chair and even the floor.

It is recommended not to do some types of isometric exercises if you have high blood pressure. Also, do not hold your breath while exercising, be sure exhale during the contraction.

You can even use dumbbells or a barbell to do isometric exercises. Many individuals today will do isometric exercises at your desk at work. Using our desk as if it were a wall.

So you see you can do them anywhere.

Two of the Best Isometric Exercises for Your Arms

When you do these exercises for your arms remember to use a static hold that l lasts between 7 and 20 seconds. Proper breathing in all exercises is very important. Make sure that you breathe out during the exertion or isometric contraction.

For example — getting back to that desk isometric exercise — while sitting at the desk place your hands under the desk. With your palms facing upwards and elbows bent. Push upwards as if you’re trying to lift up the the desk. Make sure that the desk is heavy enough to provide proper resistance.

This exercise targets the bicep muscle of your arm. It is similar to doing a bicep curl

Staying seated in the chair at your desk you can also workout your tricep muscle. Place the palms of your hand with your elbows bent again. As close to a 90° angle as possible — with your back straight — and breathing outward during the contraction — press your palms down on the desktop.

If you’re a woman, this exercise targets that flabby part of the back of the arms. Do this exercise three or four times a week and you will have sculpted arms in no time.

These are just two of the isometric exercises for your arms that you can do anywhere.