Isometric Resistance Bands – Explode Your Strength, Power and Muscle Size Using Isometric Resistance Bands

Because all the recent scientific studies more and more people are becoming familiar with the need for resistance training. Besides using an isometric exerciser you can use… Isometric Resistance Bands.

What are isometric resistance bands you ask?

Isometric Resistance Bands

Isometric Resistance Bands

Well, it’s not so much what they are as it is a training protocol with which to use them. Resistance bands or exercise bands as they are also referred to, have become very popular for many different reasons.

The major reason is the fact that they are easy to carry and can be used just about anywhere.

One of the interesting characteristics about exercise bands is in its “variable elastic potential.” What this means is that as the band stretches — it gives you greater resistance. Just like a regular rubber band — it snaps back faster.

One of the recent uses for resistance bands has been in developing speed.

Here’s an interesting question for you… if you were to take a 20 pound barbell plate and then took some resistance tubing and stretched it approximately 3 feet from the ground — then you released both at the same time — which do you believe would hit the ground first?

Believe it or not the resistance band would get to the ground first.

The same principle applies even if you doubled the weight. Given the same distance … the resistance bands would always beat the weights.The reason for this is the “resistance principle” in the bands are many times higher than the acceleration of gravity itself.

The same is true if you’re using an isometric exerciser that has a spring as its resistance component. As you pull or compress the isometric exerciser the resistance becomes greater. When you get to the point where you can’t compress or pull on the exerciser any further then and only then do you perform the isometric hold.

Here’s what’s happening — the spring just like the resistance band is trying to contract so it is giving off more resistance than if you were to use say a door, a strap or a chain.

These types of devices are not the best for isometric exercise. Since they lack that “resistance and contraction” that is necessary to make gains.