Isometric Training – Uncover the 2 Major Components Needed in Isometric Training

What is the purpose of isometric training and what are its advantages?

One of the major advantages of isometric training is that it can be accomplished in much less time than conventional workout routines,

Most exercises only take 7 to 10 seconds. Now, I know what you’re saying to yourself… “How the heck can I get stronger and build my muscles by exercising for only 7 to 10 seconds?” The answer lies in two exercise protocols.

The 2 Major Components Are: Intensity and Progressive Resistance

What most people do not seem to understand (perhaps it’s because they have been misled.) Is that it is not how long you exercise but rather how much “Intensity” or focus you put into the exercise itself.

The other missing component is that most people believe that bodyweight exercises are enough to really build muscular strength and size. I guess they never heard of the concept of “Progressive Resistance!”

Intensity Is about How Much Time the Muscle Is under Stress

One way to create stress is by performing repetition after repetition. Unfortunately, this can be rather time-consuming because it is not until the muscle is completely fatigued that you really get the … “Muscle Building Effect.”

It is in t that last repetition — the one that you really struggle with — that you are placing the maximum amount of stress on the muscle. This is sometimes referred to as “Max Duration under Stress.” To increase the intensity the most effective tool is isometric training.

When you add the second component — Progressive Resistance — to your isometric exercise program … this is when you will really see phenomenal results from your Isometric training.

The term progressive resistance is self-explanatory. However, just to make sure we’re all on the same page… to me it means that each and every workout you attempt to use more resistance than in the previous workout or exercise. This is the biggest problems with free hand isometric training.

Bodyweight only — in the long term is not enough to increase strength and muscle size!