Isometrics – What Is Isometrics

Are Isometrics Really the “Secret” to Completely Transform Your Body?

Alexander Zass Doing Isometric Exercises

Alexander Zass doing isometric exercises A

To answer that question we first must understand that Isometric Exercise is one of the few scientifically validated training protocols.

You see back in the 1950s two German doctors at the Max Planck Institute performed research that proved conclusively that isometric exercise increases your strength faster and more effectively than any other training method.

Isometrics is simply a dynamic or static contraction that stimulates your muscle tissue and allows you to build a leaner, more muscular and stronger body — in just seconds.

The most effective way to perform Isometrics is to use an Isometric Exerciser, resistance bands or free weights. Using free hand isometrics will not yield the same type of results as using a “Progressive Resistance” exercise device.

Doing freehand Isometrics is the same as doing body weight exercises. Eventually you’ll l plateau and won’t develop any further size or strength. That is not my opinion — that’s a fact!

Don’t get me wrong … you can use Isometrics with just your own body’s resistance however as I mentioned earlier — you will quickly need to use more resistance in order to keep getting stronger.

Bruce Lee for example, utilized a “Isometric Power Rack” and a Tensolator Isometric Exerciser to develop his super ripped and powerful physique.

The basics of Isometric Exercise is that you will perform an exercise using a 7 to 10 second Isometric Hold or Static Contraction.

Today, fitness experts have found more effective ways to use Isometrics then to do them alone. One method is called “Post Isometric Contraction.”

In this method you would use both Isotonic Training and Isometrics. But more about that a little later.

I have created an isometric training program called “Iso-Synergy.” This exercise manual explains in step-by-step detail… how to use Post Isometric Contraction, Muscle Stacking, Muscle Confusion Training and other workout strategies to quickly and easily develop a ripped, muscular and powerful physique.