plyometrics p90x

For many individuals the plyometrics P90X session will be the hardest workout you will do in this Tony Horton — Beachbody program series.

If you are not familiar with plyometrics it’s simply a workout that consists mostly of jumping. This type of workout has been used by many NFL players and athletes who require speed and explosive power.

Is a unique, super calorie burning and effective session in the Plyometrics P90X program.

However one word of caution… plyometrics is very high impact so if you have any back, knee or hip problems — you will need to change it or substitute it with a different workout. ( I would recommend you switch it to either the Kenpo X or Cardio X.)

If you do have knee problems or any joint problems I would recommend you do some research into taking a glucosamine supplement. It has proven very helpful to other individuals with these kinds of issues.

The program gives you a thorough Plyo workout. If you’re going to give this session a try then get ready for a lot of leaping and a lot of squatting. This session will really push your cardiovascular system to the Max and you are going to feel it the next day!

Because plyometrics involve such dynamic moves you will need an ample area to workout in. In addition, since you will be jumping make sure that you have a high enough ceiling of the room where you will be performing these exercises. I would imagine a room that’s approximately 10 to 12 feet high will be sufficient.

However, if you are gonna do them in the basement — please make sure you have enough head room.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Plyometrics P90X Program

* The program consists of 6 rounds

* Each round has approximately 4 exercises

* 3 exercises are 30 seconds long and the fourth exercise is one minute in duration

* Perform all four exercises and then repeat.

* Take a 30second rest break

* Make sure you have a towel and a bottle of water handy. Stay hydrated!

That is the schedule for the first five rounds.

In the last round called “Sports Bonus” (believe me at this point in the workout this is not a bonus.) Here you will perform three exercises that are sport specific for approximately 1 minute apiece.

That’s the entire Plyometrics P90X workout.

The actual workout time is 45 minutes however including warm-ups and cool downs you will actually spend one hour doing this program.

Overall, this is a grueling workout but it will get you into the best shape of your life even if you’re carbohydrate junkie.