The Great Gama Isometrics Workout

Great Gama Holding Wrestlers Title Trophy

Great Gama Holding Wrestlers Title Trophy

The Great Gama Isometrics Workout has not been discussed that much online.

If you’re not familiar with … The Great Gama, this article may give you some insight into what the old-time strongman and wrestler’s did to get into phenomenal shape and superb conditioning.

In fact, many of today’s Mixed Martial Arts Fighters — you know the ones that fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship… are incorporating isometrics and some of the training techniques that were used by these old-time wrestlers and strong men.

However, we will discuss more about that later — let’s talk about — the Great Gama Isometrics workout.

Gama who was often referred to as “The Lion of the Punjab” was one of the great wrestlers from India. Reputed to having defeated his opponents in over 5000 wrestling matches. According to most experts, he is the only wrestler in history that was never defeated in his entire career that lasted more than 50 years. Moreover, to this day the only wrestler that retired undefeated!

What was The Great Gama “Secret” to get in this incredible condition?Well, for one thing his Isometrics Workout.

Isometric training is nothing new to wrestlers, martial artists, bodybuilders, power lifters, strength, and conditioning coaches. The legendary wrestler… Farmer Burns — would often place a sack of grain between his legs and squeeze it until it ruptured. This would be referred to as an isometric contraction.

This is how he practiced his “Leg Scissors Grip.”

Like most Indian Wrestlers, isometrics found its way into the Great Gama’s training workout. Two of the best exercises that he used isometrics with was the Hindu squat and the Hindu push up.

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