The Secrets of the Bruce Lee Training Program

Revealed at Last — The Secrets of the Bruce Lee Training Program

Many people are under the mistaken opinion that the Bruce Lee training program is an unrevealed “Secret” or some mysterious training program.

In his book, he actually laid out the complete Bruce Lee workout routine… for both free weights and isometric exercises.

The Bruce Lee workout consisted of a power lifting free weight routine and using isometric exercise equipment.

He learned about bodybuilding from a friend of his that put him on a weightlifting program.

In less than a year of working out he gained approximately 35 pounds of muscle.

Normally, this would please anybody but, he found the extra muscle size slowed him down in his kung fu. He made the decision right then and there that working out like a bodybuilder is not what a martial artist should strive for.

He resolved to develop what he referred to as “Functional Strength.”

Although he continued to use free weights this came to a complete stop after a weight training injury that almost completely paralyzed him. Some individuals will have you believe that the injury was from a fight.

The truth of the matter is that Bruce injured himself while performing an movement called “Good Mornings.”

Good Mornings Are Very Dangerous Exercise

Good Mornings Are A Very Dangerous Exercise

Bruce Lee realized that isometrics were an incredible strategy to use to build strength and isotonic training was effective at shaping and building muscle size. He concluded, that a combination of both exercise protocols can yield the best results.

For his trapping, speed punching and 1 inch punch strength building program he utilized a device called the Tensolator or Bullworker.

By performing both isometric and isotonic Bullworker exercises he was able to increase his punching power and speed.

Bruce Lee also used resistance bands in his workout program. He applied both isotonic and isometric exercises with his resistance bands training.

The Bruce Lee isometrics exercise and training program is still as effective today as when Bruce Lee used it.

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