Mixed Martial Arts Bruce Lee – Was Bruce Lee the Innovator of Today’s Modern Mixed Martial Arts?


If you have any interest at all in mixed martial arts or any other martial art then you should spend a moment reading this article about Bruce Lee. The case can be made for the fact that Bruce Lee was the first person to think of the concept of "Mixed Martial Arts." In fact, his […]

The Secrets of the Bruce Lee Training Program

Good Mornings Are Very Dangerous Exercise

Revealed at Last — The Secrets of the Bruce Lee Training Program Many people are under the mistaken opinion that the Bruce Lee training program is an unrevealed “Secret” or some mysterious training program. In his book, he actually laid out the complete Bruce Lee workout routine… for both free weights and isometric exercises. The […]

Bruce Lee Workout Routine – What Prompted Bruce Lee to Change His Workouts


The Incredible Bruce Lee Workout Routine The Bruce Lee workout routine can be called innovative and ahead of it’s time. Certainly, he was a man willing to try just about anything to achieve this goal. Including trying isometrics and isometric exercises. Because of this, years later; the mere reference to his name conjures up images […]

Bruce Lee’s Body Building Workout and Diet

Bruce Lee created a martial art called “Jeet Kune Do” or the “Way of the Intercepting Fist.” However, as well know as he is in the martial arts… he is highly regarded for his physical abilities and ripped physique. The Bruce Lee body has become an icon for what an action star should look like […]