Isometric Stretching – Easily Increase Your Flexibility with Isometric Stretching

Isometric Stretching Is for Everyone

If you are looking to increase your range of motion — safely — then Isometric Stretching is something you should be familiar with. However, I find that many people are not familiar with this unique form of stretching. Let me first explain the differences between isometric stretching and regular stretching. You are probably most familiar […]

Isometric Weight Loss – This One Simple Isometric Weight Loss Exercise Will Help You Lose Weight

Can Isometric Weight Loss help you lose pounds and inches ? The number of individuals in America that are overweight is staggering. According to the American Heart Association 76.9 million men and 68.1 million women are defined as obese. That means that their BMI is 30% or higher. In addition, 72% of men and 57% […]

Brad Pitt Fight Club Body – Uncover the Top 5 Secrets to a Brad Pitt Fight Club Body

What are the secrets to having a ” Brad Pitt Fight Club Body ?” Brad Pitt is not a huge man — if you met him you would consider him to have an “average build.” However, for the film Fight Club… Brad was able to get his body fat down to the single digits. Yet […]

Best Home Gym Equipment – What You Need to Build the Best Home Gym

Is It Really Possible Find the Best Home Gym Equipment ? When we are talking about building the best home gyms we are also referring to find the right exercise equipment. That to me is more important than where do I place the mirrors or what kind of flooring do I use. In this article […]

plyometrics p90x

For many individuals the plyometrics P90X session will be the hardest workout you will do in this Tony Horton — Beachbody program series. If you are not familiar with plyometrics it’s simply a workout that consists mostly of jumping. This type of workout has been used by many NFL players and athletes who require speed […]

Why Are My Muscles Not Growing – 5 Top Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Not Growing


Many guys when they first start working out tend to over-train. After a month or two, this question always comes up… "Why Are My Muscles Not Growing ?" Learning how to build muscle is not as difficult as many people believe it to be. It’s Monday morning and you just walked into the gym. Up […]

Isometric Exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bodybuilding

What do Isometric Exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bodybuilding all have in common? You may be surprised to learn that Isometrics has been used in bodybuilding workout routines since it was first discovered. Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably its biggest proponent. If you have ever wondered how bodybuilders utilized isometric exercise as part of their bodybuilding routines […]

The Great Gama Isometrics Workout

Great Gama Holding Wrestlers Title Trophy

The Great Gama Isometrics Workout has not been discussed that much online. If you’re not familiar with … The Great Gama, this article may give you some insight into what the old-time strongman and wrestler’s did to get into phenomenal shape and superb conditioning. In fact, many of today’s Mixed Martial Arts Fighters — you […]

What Is Isometric Exercises ?

Isometric Exercises Are Great for Martial Arts

What Is Isometric Exercises? That is the most popular question that I receive from both men and women. Perhaps, this is because of the popularity of exercising at home and Isometrics has been increasing in the last few years. Isometric exercise is nothing new. If you have ever practiced yoga, Pilates, or any martial arts […]

Isometric Exercises – Revealed the “Dirty Secret” about Isometric Exercises

Isometric Exercises Can Be Done Anywhere

What are isometric exercises and how are they different from the regular exercises we all learned in Physical Ed Class? Essentially an isometric exercise is when you pull or push against an immovable object. Isometrics as a means of physical training was discovered by the old-time strongman in the 1900s. Finally in the 1950s two […]