Isometric Muscle Exercise – Discover the 2 Secrets to Success with Isometric Muscle Exercise

Isometric Muscle Exercises

Today more guys and gals are doing isometric muscle exercises. The biggest reason I guess is because isometric exercises take very little time as compared to traditional bodybuilding routines or cardio classes. Many individuals have asked me… “Does Isometric Muscle Exercise Really Work?” After having been in the fitness industry for almost 25 years now […]

Isometric Exercise Equipment


Why are millions of Americans and for that matter — individuals worldwide using Isometric Exercise Equipment? Perhaps it is because Isometrics has been rediscovered. Nothing is ever lost you see… because physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and power lifters have been using isometric training for years. Why you might ask? Because the most effective […]

Isometric Resistance Bands – Explode Your Strength, Power and Muscle Size Using Isometric Resistance Bands

Isometric Resistance Bands

Because all the recent scientific studies more and more people are becoming familiar with the need for resistance training. Besides using an isometric exerciser you can use… Isometric Resistance Bands. What are isometric resistance bands you ask? Well, it’s not so much what they are as it is a training protocol with which to use […]

Isometrics – The Quickest Way to a Strong Body Using Isometrics

Isometrics Is Very Popular with Women

Are You Familiar with Isometric Exercise? Most individuals today are not familiar with Isometrics. It is rather strange when you come to realize that Isometric Training is one of the few exercise methods that has been scientifically validated. In addition, many of the old-time strongman including… Charles Atlas, Alexander Zass, Max Sandow and many others […]

Isometric Exercises for Your Arms

One of the major advantages of using isometric exercises for your arms is that you don’t need a lot of room and for maintenance — you can do freehand ISOs. Of course, an isometric exercise device will get you superior results however, you can use just about anything…  free weights, resistance bands, the wall, a […]

Isometric Strength Training – Uncover the Best Way to Perform Isometric Strength Training

Isometric strength training or static strength training as it sometimes called, is a training method in which you use static resistance — in a fixed position — against an object or an exercise device. Isometric exercises are very popular because you can do them with or without equipment. You can use your own body weight, […]

Isometrics – What Is Isometrics

Are Isometrics Really the “Secret” to Completely Transform Your Body? To answer that question we first must understand that Isometric Exercise is one of the few scientifically validated training protocols. You see back in the 1950s two German doctors at the Max Planck Institute performed research that proved conclusively that isometric exercise increases your strength […]