Building Muscle Without Weights

Is it possible to build muscle without weights?

At first glance you would think that building muscle without weights would be a very difficult task. However, you can do it with some equipment such as resistance bands, a pull up bar, and a few tweaks to a regular bodyweight exercise program.

Read this article and discover how you can begin building muscle without weights right in your own home.

Well scientific research has validated the fact that resistance training, not free weight exercises is what causes strength and muscle size gains. In this article you will discover the secrets of building muscle without weights!

building muscle without weights using the Bully Xtreme

The Science Of
Building Muscle Without Weights

There are certain types of strength training "secrets" that when applied properly will result in almost miraculous muscle and strength gains.

Secrets that have been proven in clinical studies.

Here's the story: Research done by Doctors Hettinger and Muller in 1953 in "Isometrics" or "Static Contraction" (as it's now being referred to) came to the attention of the American public.

Steinhaus (1954) introduced the work of these two Germans Hettinger and Muller & concluded that gains in isometric strength of 5% per week were produced by one daily 66% maximal isometric action 6 seconds in duration. (since that initial report, recent studies into the field of isometrics have concluded that a 10 second isometric hold at 100% of your strength produces greater benefits.)

Superhuman Strength

building muscle without weight

Gains in strength of this magnitude with such little training time and effort seemed unbelievable. A review of subsequent studies demonstrated that isometric training leads to static strength gains, and that the gains can be substantial and variable over short duration training periods.

Incredible Strength Gains Increases in strength from isometric training are related to the number of muscle actions performed. The duration of the muscle actions, whether the muscle action is maximal, and the frequency of training. Because most studies involving isometric training manipulate several of these factors simultaneously, it is difficult to evaluate the importance of anyone factor.

Enough research has been conducted, however, to allow recommendations and tentative conclusions concerning isometric training.

How to M-A-X-I-M-I-Z-E the Results
of Isometrics

The only problem in utilizing this powerful technique into your training program is that, pushing against a wall and holding it for 7 to 10 seconds is effective, but there is no practical way to measure your resistance and strength gains.

Also Isometric training by itself is not enough. Recent research done by N.A.S.A (in an effort to determine the most effective way for Astronauts to train in space) has revealed incredible strategies for the "correct" application of Isometric exercise.

That's why the Bully Xtreme not only uses this--powerful training concept (Isometrics) and three others, as part of its training program.

Alexander Zass building Muscle

Isometric exercise has been used by old-time strongman to help them build muscle without weights. Pictured here is Alexander Zass, who is considered to be the father of modern-day isometric training.

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